DonegalSOS Oyster Farming & Aquaculture

Oyster Farming & Aquaculture

Since about the late 1990’s some local people engaged in a very limited degree of Oyster farming on the Braade Strand.
In the past it has been generally a low profile and reasonably well managed however any further expansion would have been detrimental to the environment on many counts.

Environmental threat

Local people were horrified to discover in January 2017 that the Minister for the Marine, one Michael Creed, had granted licenses for Oyster farming on an industrial scale which would cover more than 100 acres of the Braade, Rannafast & Gweedore strand.

We were facing desecration of our beloved environment, by mainly foreign developers with collusion of the  government.
11 licences in total were granted by the Minister for the Marine, with no regard to local concern or environmental damage. Locals came together to help to prevent this from happening. “Coiste Timpeallachta an Ghaoith” became a collective voice for locals protesting against this destruction of our environment and tourism industry.


We endeavoured to highlight this threat to our area and spread the word, garnering support and media attention, while an appeal was launched against these extensive licenses. Save our Strand and Stad an Scrios (stop the destruction) became the catchphrases as a campaign grew in support.

It’s with relief and pleasure we can announce that those licences have all finally been rescinded (after many delays) by ALAB (The Aquaculture Licences Appeals Board).
We would like to extend our thanks to everyone involved  and are delighted with the decision by ALAB to help protect this Special Area of Conservation.

Coiste Timpeallachta an Ghaoith would like to convey huge gratitude to all those who contributed to this campaign, who opposes the above-mentioned licences, so that our beaches and natural resources be protected and preserved for future generations.