The Carrickfinn Trust

This charity is involved in protecting our environment and the visual amenity of Carrickfinn.

The Trust represents of a number of local land owners and environmentalists in West Donegal. Individuals who acquired rights in the land on the Braade Peninsula, were able to transfer their rights to the Carrickfinn Trust. The Trust now owns and manages title to the 95 plus acres in the interests of the local community.

Locals and the many repeat visitors, are united in their interest to protecting this Special Protection Area and the adjacent Special Area of Conservation!

Carrickfinn Conservation

These local grasslands and dunes consist of machair grass and marram grass (generally known as bent). This is found only on the North West coast of Ireland and the Hebridian Islands of Scotland. This shoreland ecology is found nowhere else in Europe.
This type of grassland is a priority habitat for many species of wildlife.
Our priority has always been in preserving this exceptional local environment.

Recently Carrickfinn was voted the most scenic airport in the world (2019). This Airport is a low impact facility, serving only as a transport link. Consequently the rare and exceptional ecosystem on Braade Peninsula has largely survived the intrusion.

Donegal’s gateway to the Wild Atlantic Way is one of the most beautiful places on earth.
We are committed to preserving it for generations to come.
Bígí Linn!